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Lawsuit over potato chip ingredient settled

Soooo NOT cool!!!!!!! I wonder how many other companies are doing things that the public is unaware of! Maybe that is why cancer cannot be cured or we are being diagnosed every second, because we are unaware of what we feed our bodies!
Lawsuit over potato chip ingredient settled

Article below, if the link does not work:

Lawsuit over potato chip ingredient settled

State protested chemical in food
August 02, 2008By Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer

Frito-Lay and two other potato chip companies have agreed to reduce the levels of a cancer-causing chemical in their products in a settlement of a state lawsuit, Attorney General Jerry Brown said Friday.

The court-approved settlement comes three years after Brown's predecessor, Bill Lockyer, sued fast-food chains and potato chip companies, saying they had failed to warn California consumers about the dangers of acrylamide.

Besides Frito-Lay, which sells most of the potato chips in California, the other companies agreeing to reduce acrylamide le…