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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for reading my story. I wanted to add that I did not write it to have a sad story or to speak negatively about SVSF. Something deep inside of me needed to write it and I wanted to go with my intuition.

I am learning that some of the workers did not know why some of us were placed there. I only wrote of my experience of how we were placed there and not of my time spent there. My entire time there was not that bad. I remember only one worker (Yes, I will say her name, Rosemary) that was very mean and should not have been there taking care of any children, (I hate to admit this too, but the nuns were not nice either).

I feel all of the choices that I made, from the minute I was forced into the system, made me who I am today. Let me explain... I am very open about my childhood and who I am. I strongly feel, if I had to go through what I went through in my childhood... to get to the point where I am today, I would relive my entire life the exact, same way.

Instead of …

Listen to a Child

I am not sure why I am writing this right now, but something inside of me insisted that I needed to write this. So, if you are reading this and need to help a child or you are the one that is seeking help, please get the help now. If you feel you are afraid or no one will listen, go to a church, hospital, or to someone that you can trust.

Photo of Donna(top) and me, 35 years later. Photos taken at Sarsh Fisher. Their doors are closed and a private business bought the property.

Our parents told us to "pack our things". Of course we were confused and afraid, because we had no idea of why we were packing our things. (Imagine coming home from school and your parents are telling you to pack your things. You do as you are told and no one is talking or telling you why. Imagine that feeling....)

We drove down this long driveway and arrived at the doorsteps of this huge building that we never saw. Our mother got out of the truck and demanded that we follow her with our bags. We were sti…
The Experience of our First Fitness DVD - "Z-Box Fitness - the Workout"

I wanted to write about the production of our first fitness DVD. It was a rollercoaster ride, but at the end, it was wonderful learning experience.
As most of you know, Donna and I have been working on our own program for many years. We tried many ways to combine different fitness techniques into one class. From "Fitness Fusion" to "Ultimate Fitness" we felt we were getting real close.
With the help of our Fitness Motivators Team Instructors, Z-Box Fitness was born. The "Z" is short of "Z.E.N.". Z.E.N. stands for Zone Envision Earth. Z-Box blends cardio boxing, dance, and body toning. Since we were introduced to Tai Chi at a very young age, we decided to develop our own "Chi" moves and added relaxation to the end.... Making Z-Box the perfect balance for a dynamic fitness program!
In 2009 we decided to make it a trademark name. It wasn't easy filing for…