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An Open Letter to my Father, Willie Lim

I want to say this to my father, Willie Lim who lives at 645 47th St., Brooklyn, NY 11220-1414, with his wife, Po Ling Fu Lim... "Good riddance". 

Dear Willie, AKA my No-Good-Father,

It feels good to finally call you dead in my book. I want the world to know how disgusting you are as a father, how hateful you are and how cold you are. My siblings and I made it in life without any guidance, love, or support from you. We never asked you for anything!
I cannot believe I wanted to get to know you. I guess I wanted a father. I wanted to have you be there to talk with, to love and to have someone care about me. The more I thought I was getting to know you, the more I disliked you. 
When you visited us, you were selfish. You wanted us to do everything for you, which we did and never received a “thank you” or not even a smile. When I wanted to get to know you and ask you about your life, you “hushed me away” with your hands and told me to shut up! I was only good enough to take you o…