An Open Letter to my Father, Willie Lim

I want to say this to my father, Willie Lim who lives at 645 47th St., Brooklyn, NY 11220-1414, with his wife, Po Ling Fu Lim... "Good riddance". 

Dear Willie, AKA my No-Good-Father,

It feels good to finally call you dead in my book. I want the world to know how disgusting you are as a father, how hateful you are and how cold you are. My siblings and I made it in life without any guidance, love, or support from you. We never asked you for anything!
I cannot believe I wanted to get to know you. I guess I wanted a father. I wanted to have you be there to talk with, to love and to have someone care about me. The more I thought I was getting to know you, the more I disliked you. 
Remember us Willie? This is from your last visit to us (2015)
When you visited us, you were selfish. You wanted us to do everything for you, which we did and never received a “thank you” or not even a smile. When I wanted to get to know you and ask you about your life, you “hushed me away” with your hands and told me to shut up! I was only good enough to take you out for dinner, spend my money on you or do things you needed… I was not good enough to communicate with.
How about the offer for us to sponsor immigrants to enter the US and have them disappear at the airport and that we could make $30,000 cash to bring each of them in. Or what about the drugs that you wanted to sell online because you had a warehouse in China that stocks drugs. We were good enough then, right? Shaking my head in disbelief and disgust!
Willie, Does Cherice eyes still
look like "Japanese Eyes"?
Shame on YOU!
How could you call himself a father to Cherice too? Did you EVER ask Cherice to do the illegal drugs and human trafficking???  YOU made her have plastic surgery on her eyes because “they look Japanese”!! When we met our “half-sister” (and she was ONLY 12 years old then), you complained about her “Japanese eyes” and “how big she was”!

 I could only imagine what type of childhood she had living with you and your selfish wife! I guess she made it out with your support for her dental school. Perhaps having her New York Dental License was her plan to stay far away from you and your wife. Perhaps that was her way out of this madness? 

Speaking of your wife… every time one of us would call to talk with you… she would hang up on us or tell us you no longer live there or say that we called the wrong number! WHY is she so afraid that we “want to take YOUR money”???!! Is there something that you are not telling us or is she so materialistic that all she can think about is MONEY!!?? I promise you, we are not seeking anything from your wife, nor do we want your illegal money! (I laugh at how you put your house under Cherice name! Do you honestly think we will try to get your home? Again, is there something you are not telling us? Perhaps we should look into this??)

Why am I writing this now? We have been trying to call you regarding my brother (yes, his name is Tony, if you forgot who your "only son" is). We thought you would like to see him since he has Stage 4 cancer. All you did was complain that “Tony never called you and that you called him many times”. I tried to tell you that “we tried to call you a few times and your wife would either hang up on us, tell us that you no longer live there or say we had the wrong number”! YOU would not listen!!!! YOU HUNG UP ON ME because all you were saying “Tony never called me back… Tony never called me back”.

You are such a selfish, evil man and WHY did I EVER think you would have a good heart to CARE ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE?????

This IS the last time I will put up with your heartless ways. (Your wife will be happy with this one!)

Willie, no matter what, you are dead to me now. I will never waste my breath on the likes of you. I swear I was adopted or PLEASE LORD tell me that my mother cheated on Willie and I have another father out there somewhere!!??

All of your cold, selfish ways ended with you Willie. I am happy to say that I did NOT turn out like you OR my mother and will NEVER be like you or my mother. You may or may not see this. That is okay. This is my way of releasing myself from the pain I used to feel from you. The abuse may have came from mom and my step father, but this was no different. YOU were NO DIFFERENT.
Good bye and good riddance.



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