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Avoid Overuse/Repetition As We Age

The subject that I am writing about below will reflect on me personally and hopefully help some of you out there with similar problems.

As I write this, (March 18, 2011, my 22 year wedding anniversary that I cannot celebrate.) I am literally laying on the right side of my body, moving from one position to the next, feeling very uncomfortable with a herniated disc. After being bedridden for four days, every few minutes I have to change positions because of the pain. I cannot sit, nor can I stand on both feet without pain, so the only option is to lie down or walk around the house holding on to a chair with wheels or use a walking stick for support.

Now one may ask, Did you do this while exercising. The answer is no, I don’t think so. For a few months I have been feeling a “numbing, tingling sensation” in my low back, but not any pain. It would come and go and I did bring it up with Nino, but as soon as I brought it up, the sensation would subside. Right now, I believe that sensation that…