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Letting Go...

It has been three months and two weeks since we lost our mom. Friends have been comforting and loving. Most tell me to "keep the memories alive... think of the good times...".  Little do they know, my childhood was difficult.

I am trying so hard to think rational. My mom is not coming back. I will never see her, hug her, or talk with her. Leaving a "habit" of talking with mom everyday is like someone trying to quit smoking. The withdrawal is unpleasant. The emptiness, crying spells, depression is unbearable. Physically it has taken a toll on me too. The last three months I have been sick with something. My hair is falling out and I am breaking out like crazy.

I truly believe in mind over matter.  Changing the way we think... positive or negative WILL have an affect on our everyday lives.

My childhood.... although my mom tried her best at holidays, the time in between were very abusive and torture for the Lim children. If we were part of the world today as children,…

Almost Three Months

I cannot believe you are still gone mom. It will be three months this coming Tuesday. I miss you so much. In these short, but long three months, a lot has happened.....
Obama was elected for a second term. Lord knows how upsetting that would be for you, but for the rest of us, we are very happy with the election.
Tammy is now living in a place where there are 25 people that are loving her and paying attention to her everyday. You would be very happy with Tammy's new home. It was hard for Donna and I to let her go, but we knew she would be a lot happier.
I kept six of your finches and they had a baby that is living and being taken care of with ALL SIX finches!!! They are in the large cage I gave to you. They love their new home and it is amazing to watch them with the baby. I smile, because remember you always told me that they kill their babies? I am witnessing something completely different mom.
Your canary is with George. I think it is a little girl, because George said tha…