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I just didn't know!

I did not know how cruel the Sheeps were mistreated when making UGG products. I love how my husband commented on the subject and decided to share it here...
"I don't know what is worse, the fact that the sheep are being horribly mistreated or the fact that a nation of sheep followed the lead of a third grade level show, that featured a half dressed bimbo wearing boots, that they decided they had to have. (Referring to UGGs and Pamela Anderson on Baywatch) Now the nation of idiots loves Effing Duck Dynasty.  Just when you think the level of stupidity couldn't get worse.  I'm willing to bet duck hunting or whatever the hell they do, is at an all time high.  Ask the looneys watching what their state Capitol is and they'd probably have no idea." ~ Anthony P. Arena


Why can't I be like everyone else? I wish I could think normal like everyone else. I wish I could do things without having these flight moments. Why doesn't my brain calm down? 
I do my best to act "normal", but my brain tells me to run or go far away from everything... To hide somewhere in the dark and never come out.... To accept that I am who I am and will never be the person that I strive to become. 
I feel I am a small particle on this earth that can be carried away into the universe and no one would ever notice. 
Mind over matter is what I taught myself all of these years, but those words are fading away fast and only becoming "words". 
I try to live and laugh, with thoughts of good and positive throughout my thoughts, but deep from within, I hear a voice telling me how stupid and foolish I am. 
I want to jump out of a moving car or disappear, but I am afraid of the unknown. I feel hard work and working toward becoming a better person gets me nowhere.  
I a…