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Let it go and Move Forward

There is a reason why things are moving in a circle for Donna and me.  Donna just called me and asked if I watched Joel Osteen this morning.  I did not, because I hardly watch TV in the early mornings.... Joel Osteen message today.... "Move Forward".  SO, I looked it up at the Osteen website. A new light to a very sour ending of a relationship I had only a few short years ago... Diamond came to me and wanted to become part of our team of Fitness Instructors. She never taught fitness before, but had a desire to learn. Everyone warned me about her, but I felt there was something very special about her. We became very close and spent a lot of time together. For over two years I mentored her and taught her everything I knew about fitness and the business. I trusted her and loved her like a sister.  She told me how she mentored this lady in her massage business and how that lady took full advantage of her. At the end of our relationship, she did that same, exact thing to me.  No…