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In Response to Shakira's WAKA WAKA: Let's All Dance For 1GOAL, Debbie Lim

Be Thankful


The Mind

The Mind

Today I plan to concentrate on how we present ourselves to others. I have noticed, the closer that I get to 50, the more I witness too many friends and family members suffering from illness or death. Let's face it... as every year passes us by, we realize there are more aches and pain and more memory loss... So, with that being said... Live as though this is the last day of your life, for this very second is now part of your past.
For the Mind: As I age, my mind is changing fast... It is harder to remember things... I have to read emails twice or more or else I will not be able to reply properly because I overlooked something! So many times I catch myself standing somewhere forgetting WHY I went there in the first place - I do that in a conversation too - I would be in mid-sentence and totally forget what the heck I was talking about! I can only laugh at myself, because I don't want to mess up my makeup and cry about it!
In my mind, I tell myself everyday to think posit…