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Meet Sienna...

I wanted to thank my little great-niece for waiting until the expo ended, before deciding to enter this big world! Born May 7, 2012, before 8am.

"Thank you Sienna! I am so happy you decided to wait a few days for your grandmother and great-Auntie to finish working at the expo. You are a big girl and your eyes are already bright, smart, and brilliant. We needed a little baby in our family, because it has been too long! I love you little Sienna!"

Expo was Successful!

We had a great time at the expo. We has the chance to hang out with our Fitness Motivators Team and meet a lot of people!

It was hard work, long hours, and a lot of dancing, talking, and standing, but it was worth it! A show from Lifetime Networks interviewed us and I guess we were on Fox2 News because a lot of people said they saw us. (The cameraman came up to us and asked us to dance for the camera, so we did)

The last day of the expo and when we finally made it home, Donna's son/daughter-in-law went into labor....... Off to the hospital we go.....

Perhaps if we finish our next DVD, we will do the expo again next year!