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A Hallway with Memories of Loneliness

Seeing this picture (Above - Photo credit: Facebook SVSF Group, Lawrence Adams) even after 40 years walking down these hallways, still made me cry and have an empty feeling today. I may have mentioned this in an earlier post (here at my online journal), but today I wanted to share my feelings with this picture.

Going back 40 years………. Use empathy while reading this (see yourself as a child and how you would feel in this situation).

I am not sure where Donna and I were coming home from… school or our grandma’s house, but as soon as we came home, our mom told us to pack all of our belongings.  We had to pack everything in large black plastic garbage bags.  This was confusing to us, but we did what we were told. Once we packed everything in plastic bags, we had to bring them with us…. Along with Tony, Tina, mom and our step-father, we all loaded in the truck and drove away.  It felt like a long drive when you are driving in back of a large truck and when you are a young child.

We drove …