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Who we are will never be

Life is so strange. As each day goes by, the things that you think you remember, a touch... a smile... laughter... words.... all slowly disappear.  You want to hold on to it, but it soon vanishes. A memory is now something that has little meaning because the hours, minutes, and seconds make new memories without the thoughts of yesterday. You want to hold on to whatever you miss or loved. You want to hold on to the love and caring that you had for that memory. You feel  guilty that you did not remember something today or you feel  the "oh" moment when you do remember something and it isn't as painful today as it was yesterday. It is very sad that we all will go through this as we grow older. No matter what our ages are now, no matter who we are now... We will go through this when we want to remember... when we want to hold on.  This is life and no matter how many pictures we hold dear to our hearts, no matter how many videos we watch daily of our loved ones, or no matter ho…