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From Thomas A. Duke Company to Mid American Group... What a BIG mess!

A lot of you are wondering what happened with the studio search..... Let me say this in a blunt, honest-to-goodness-way... NONE OF THESE DANG REALTORS WANT to rent their properties! I swear, every "For Lease" sign that you see are only placed there for "tax Deduction" reasons and NOT for leasing the actual space!  From a business point-of-view, if you are a rental property owner, you have a tax write-off if you advertise the property for rent, pay the utilities, etc...etc... It is a huge write-off! To start with, the ONLY Realtor that we found that actually worked with people - personable, yet professional was Brad Margolis from The Farbman Group.  We would have finalized a deal with him, but we believed his sudden business in Vegas gave us one week to decide that his location would not work for us. This is when our stress began... At first, the property owners of the Philmar Plaza, Darla was a gem!  When we were looking for property (to service our students of Livon…