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Chapter 2016 Closing, for Chapter 2017 to Begin

2016 has been overwhelming, stressful and challenging. Donna and I spend almost every week with our brother Tony, either in chemo or doctor appointments. Tony almost made it through 2016, but his body gave out on him too soon. His brilliant mind was with us until the end of his life here on earth. I just hope his brilliant mind took on another form and continues in this life in some sort of spirit or soul.

Watching my brother take his last breath on earth was the most unbelievable sad feeling I have ever felt and witnessed. It has been three weeks and one day since he left us and it is still a shock that makes me cry when I think too much about it. I know he is in a better place, because the pain that he had was so intense, how could he not be in a better place without the pain?

He said that we had a lot of drama in our lives, but I sit back and smile and think of all the drama he left behind. Yep Tone-Bone… I am laughing right now. Without bringing up the drama in detail, Tony l…

My Review on Henry Ford Columbus Center
My brother has cancer and is receiving care at this facility. First of all, the nurses and staff are wonderful  here. However, I have a few things I am highly disappointed with and since Facebook kept popping up a message to leave a review, I decided "why not"....
- My brother works and needs a later time for chemo. Because the doctor on staff doesn't want to stay for their patients, my brother is forced to leave work early to get his treatment. IF this hospital thinks anything for their patients and THEIR needs, they would stay open a few more hours for their patients! We are not asking for late hours, we are asking to have appointments around 4:30-5:00 but they close at 5:00-6:00!! Just a few more hours to stay open for patients like my brother!!!  
- My brother's Doctor is one of the most uncaring physicians around. You would think he would care for my brother and give suggestions or check into research/stu…

Time not well spent

Too bad time gets in the way to spend with family and friends. We ALL take advantage of time and we will never know when time has been taken away from us. By then, it will be too late.

Dentist... Time for a change

I thought I was taking care of my dental needs. The actual reality, when I know I am getting an abscess, I would call it in and a script would be waiting for me. I could not sleep the other night because I was in intense pain (again). I decided to try the dentist a few doors down from our suite. I ended up having an emergency extraction, I have 3-4 abscess, I need a few root canals (because the ones that I had failed), and I have numerous decaying teeth. I am recovering slowly from the extraction. I have another appointment scheduled to repair the root canal and to fill two of the teeth next to the tooth getting the root canal. This will be a very long process and a lot of money.