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New Year's Resolution -> GOALS -> HABITS

So, it is that time of the year, New Year's Resolution, where people all over the world make promises to themselves. Making resolutions is the first step, but, you need a plan and a healthy dose of perseverance if you want to succeed.  If you don't have a well-thought-out plan on how you are going to make sustainable changes, most likely it will lead to failure. According to research, only 8% of people achieve their New Year's goals[i] Since fitness is always a top contender for a New Year's Resolution goal for most people and since we are Fitness Motivators, it would be fitting for us to help you reach your goal starting today.  Instead of concentrating only on your fitness goals, let's concentrate on your overall goals, because all goals have the same solution.... we want to achieve and succeed no matter what it is. First, let's stop calling this a New Year's Resolution, instead, let's concentrate on the present moment and start making positive changes …

I just didn't know!

I did not know how cruel the Sheeps were mistreated when making UGG products. I love how my husband commented on the subject and decided to share it here...
"I don't know what is worse, the fact that the sheep are being horribly mistreated or the fact that a nation of sheep followed the lead of a third grade level show, that featured a half dressed bimbo wearing boots, that they decided they had to have. (Referring to UGGs and Pamela Anderson on Baywatch) Now the nation of idiots loves Effing Duck Dynasty.  Just when you think the level of stupidity couldn't get worse.  I'm willing to bet duck hunting or whatever the hell they do, is at an all time high.  Ask the looneys watching what their state Capitol is and they'd probably have no idea." ~ Anthony P. Arena


Why can't I be like everyone else? I wish I could think normal like everyone else. I wish I could do things without having these flight moments. Why doesn't my brain calm down? 
I do my best to act "normal", but my brain tells me to run or go far away from everything... To hide somewhere in the dark and never come out.... To accept that I am who I am and will never be the person that I strive to become. 
I feel I am a small particle on this earth that can be carried away into the universe and no one would ever notice. 
Mind over matter is what I taught myself all of these years, but those words are fading away fast and only becoming "words". 
I try to live and laugh, with thoughts of good and positive throughout my thoughts, but deep from within, I hear a voice telling me how stupid and foolish I am. 
I want to jump out of a moving car or disappear, but I am afraid of the unknown. I feel hard work and working toward becoming a better person gets me nowhere.  
I a…

Let it go and Move Forward

There is a reason why things are moving in a circle for Donna and me.  Donna just called me and asked if I watched Joel Osteen this morning.  I did not, because I hardly watch TV in the early mornings.... Joel Osteen message today.... "Move Forward".  SO, I looked it up at the Osteen website. A new light to a very sour ending of a relationship I had only a few short years ago... Diamond came to me and wanted to become part of our team of Fitness Instructors. She never taught fitness before, but had a desire to learn. Everyone warned me about her, but I felt there was something very special about her. We became very close and spent a lot of time together. For over two years I mentored her and taught her everything I knew about fitness and the business. I trusted her and loved her like a sister.  She told me how she mentored this lady in her massage business and how that lady took full advantage of her. At the end of our relationship, she did that same, exact thing to me.  No…

Another Part of my Past is Gone....

15445 Chapel  |  Detroit Michigan 48223
This is where abuse, torture, racism, and hatred entered into our lives... This is also where determination, hard work, and strong minds made us - The Lim Siblings - survive...

The Lady in the Mirror

The Lady in the Mirror
What I see in the mirror... a middle-aged lady looking back at me.  
Someone who tries to give the world a positive approach to life... motivation for a better lifestyle, and love to keep going.  I see a lady who gives 1000% to her family and friends and will do anything for them. I see a lady who gives 1000% to her students and plan each class at the best of her ability.  I see someone who is a very hard worker, loyal, talented in art, and who laughs at herself all the time. As I look deeper into the mirror, I see a lady who really doesn't know the person looking back at her. Someone who is unsure of herself, doesn't know what happiness really is (deep from within), and who has many insecurities. I see a lonely person, someone who has taken many roads, in many different directions, someone who is tired of smiling and laughing when she feels so much pain deep from within. The lady in the mirror is confused a lot and hides it very well. These visions of her p…

From Thomas A. Duke Company to Mid American Group... What a BIG mess!

A lot of you are wondering what happened with the studio search..... Let me say this in a blunt, honest-to-goodness-way... NONE OF THESE DANG REALTORS WANT to rent their properties! I swear, every "For Lease" sign that you see are only placed there for "tax Deduction" reasons and NOT for leasing the actual space!  From a business point-of-view, if you are a rental property owner, you have a tax write-off if you advertise the property for rent, pay the utilities, etc...etc... It is a huge write-off! To start with, the ONLY Realtor that we found that actually worked with people - personable, yet professional was Brad Margolis from The Farbman Group.  We would have finalized a deal with him, but we believed his sudden business in Vegas gave us one week to decide that his location would not work for us. This is when our stress began... At first, the property owners of the Philmar Plaza, Darla was a gem!  When we were looking for property (to service our students of Livon…
Would anyone notice?

I miss mom so much - a short video

I use art, videos, and photos that I creative to express myself. This short clip is showing us doing one of the last request that mom had in her will for us to do.... I cannot express how much I miss mom...

Tyler Perry "We can do Better"

A good friend of mine emailed this to me and it was perfectly written by Tyler Perry.
A couple of days ago a storm came through here that was crazy. I’ve never seen that much hail and rain. It reminded me of when I was living in my old house. Every time there was a bad storm I had to go through some major things to get the lights back on in the house. One time there was a storm so bad that lightning hit the house and all the power went out. I looked across the street and my neighbor had power, so I knew the problem was just in my house. Stay with me, I’m going somewhere here… I knew I had to get to the circuit breaker to fix what was going on. Now, in my old house, the breaker box was in the attic, and in order to get to it I had to climb a ladder, go up a flight of stairs and then climb over an air conditioning unit, all the while trying to not step through the ceiling joist or I would go straight through the sheet rock. And imagine trying to do all of this in the dark. But I had …