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It is almost 2013

Fifteen minutes from now, it will be 2013. The start of the year without mom. A lot has happened within the few months of mom passing.
Donna and I are trying to learn from mom's death and get stronger because of mom's death.
We never knew how to live or have fun. Sure when we are in front of our students, we smile and motivate them, but after we leave the class, we are right back to work.
All of our lives we "were programmed" to only work, keep busy, and never get sick. Well, guess what? Since mom's death, we are busier than ever, we are working harder and we have been sick! The stress of everything brought down our immune system and our bodies are trying to tell us to slow down. We have had back aches, neck aches, headaches, and even bald spots on our heads! The stress is killing us and we need to slow down.

This is my "Bucket List" for 2013:
1. I would like to teach less. Once we are happy with our new team members teaching on their own, I would lik…

As I age....

Now I understand how mom felt. No matter how much I try to take care of myself... Eat right, exercise regularly, take care of my health...... My body still is trying to give out on me, because of aging. I hate this!

I am laying here in bed, since 5 AM.... I woke up to my neck/upper back trying to spasm and give me a lot of pain. I am praying this will not be "the norm", since this is the second time waking up like this!!

It doesn't matter anymore, does it?