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2011... A New Year... A New Goal?

Okay... it is 2011 and it is that time of the year where a lot of people are making their New Year's Resolution.... Are you one of them? Are you looking to add fitness into your life? Eat healthier? Stop smoking?
The big question is... Do you stick to your New Year's Resolution or are you like 90% of Americans who unfortunately fail at keeping them?
Why wait for the New Year?
Let's head in the right direction.... Right now! Stop talking and put action to your words!

My new motto...WHY WAIT?

1. Stop stressing yourself out by trying to achieve a high goal. Take baby steps at first. If you go at something real fast, your odds for failure increase. Taking one step at a time will keep you focused and motivated.
If you are seeking to...
• Lose weight... How long did it take you to gain the weight?
• Stop smoking... How long have you been smoking?
• Couch Potato... How long have you been sitting around doing nothing for your health and fitness?
• How long have you let your brain si…