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Do you know Someone Like This?

It is a shame... I helped her with whatever I could. I did this for over one year. Many people warned me about her since the day she came into my life. I did not listen. I truly thought she was a good person from the heart.

She convinced everyone around her that she is a good person. She kept telling me about her "strong faith". How she does everything by the Bible and how spiritual she is. If her God produces people like her, I would never open my doors to people like her ever again!

She lied to me and everyone around her and it hurt real bad, but I will get over it! She was energetic, with a big smile on her face, but as soon as she walked away, she is cruel and conniving.

I always listened to her complaining about how cruel the world is to her, She will make hints to saying "ooohhh I love that... ohhh I want that..." or repeat it until you finally give in to give it to her. IF it fails, she wants nothing to do with you.

She will use you until she no longer…