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Color... It DOES matter

First of all, I AM a minority.  I AM American-Chinese AKA Asian.  My skin tone IS olive, (somewhat a yellow undertone).  MOST OF MY LIFE, including today, I have had racial remarks thrown at me. I had a few fights because of WHO I AM, and people HATED ME because of the color of my skin.

GUESS WHAT? I NEVER ONCE used the color of MY skin or WHO I AM to use against people, society, the community, or to get ahead. YES, a few people used the color of MY SKIN to stop me from getting ahead (once or twice), but I overcame that and moved on.

WHEN I LOOK AT SOMEONE I DO NOT SEE COLOR and I am an artist!   I NEVER refer to a person "oh you know her (or him) that "color of skin or race" person...."

SO why this topic?  BECAUSE I am SICK and tired of people using the color of their skin to make a remark or a statement!  Instead of "Go Dark Girls" (referring to the United States winning the Gold in the Relay Race, where the group of beautiful young women with the best bod…