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Stats for my website... Does anyone know.....

Does anyone know anything about web stats? I have over 4.2 millions hits at my personal website and would like to know if this is true? Below are the stats that my web server has on it... Perhaps the "hits" are added up each time someone clicks on a page at my website? Maybe someone has a link to my site (using a photo perhaps??) that is making each hit to my total hits? Either way, I feel these numbers are excellent considering this is a personal website.... Any comments would be appreciated!! THANK YOU!

General Summary
1. Host name
2. Host URL
3. Program start time Mar 10, 2010 22:31
4. Time of first request Feb 22, 2005 00:34
5. Time of last request Mar 10, 2010 23:56
6. Time last 7 days lasts until Mar 10, 2010 22:31
7. Successful server requests 4,253,737 Requests
8. Successful requests in last 7 days 71,654 Requests
9. Logfile lines without status code 99,699 Lines
10. Logfile lines without status code in last 7 days 0 Lines…

I am Healthy and Fit , so WHY........

Okay… This is somewhat personal, but something has been going on with me for a few years now and I need to write it down for proof later. I may sound crazy, but hear me out…

First, let’s look at my health and fitness stats:
• For my age, I am considered within my normal weight, maybe a few pounds lighter, but perfect for my size and height (that I am comfortable with). For my height, 136 – 144 lbs is average (I am lower in weight)
• My resting heart rate is between 54-59 bpm. My heart rate, when resting, gets as low as 48 bpm.
• My blood pressure is perfect and on the low end – 120/60 or 120/70 – sometimes it could go on the higher end of “normal” when I am at the doctor’s office getting a reading.
• My average heart rate during exercise is 142-160 bpm
• My maximum heart rate (average) while exercising is between 172 and 179.
• My BMI is within normal-lower end range.
• I work out at least 6 times per week and add weights once or twice per week. I plan to join a gym for more weight training,…

Heart Rate Monitor Reading Results from class...

From now on I will post the Date/Class/Calories Burned/Total Time/Avg Heart Rate during class/Max Heart Rate during class under "Class Calorie Counting". Sometimes I forget to wear my Heart Rate Monitor, but most of the time I do wear it in class. Below are some numbers that I already had before I start this part of my blog:
Remember - If the time is short, it means I forgot to turn on my monitor and the reading is for that time frame only.

Trinity: 1/13/2010 - 33 min./498c/171-avg/181-max = 10% fat
Grant: 1/13/2010 - 44 min./588c/164-avg/175-max = 15% fat
Plymouth: 1/14/2010 - 44 min./559c/1624-avg/172-max = 20% fat
Livonia: 1/19/2010 - 42 min./559c/165-avg/173-max = 15% fat
Trinity: 1/20/2010 - 44 min./506c/169-avg/151-max = 45% fat
Grant: 1/20/2010 - 44 min./567c/161-avg/171-max 85% fat!
Novi: 1/25/2010 - 42 min./451c/147-avg/164-max 30% fat
Grant (attending class/not teaching): 1/30/2010 - 442 min./439c/141-avg/186-max 35% fat

Fit 4 Forty+ - Hair Analysis Part I

I have decided to do something different in each FM newsletters. Instead of writing articles about things, I have decided to put myself through the tests. I plan to write about things that I plan to improve or make needed changes in my life and give you my feedback on my research.

Therefore, today I will talk about “Hair Analysis”. At our clinic, we give our patients options on different tests that could be valuable to their health and wellness. We have included the Hair Analysis at our clinic with amazing results for our patients! I decided that I should do this test, see what my results are. If my results come back with some needed changes in my life, I will make the adjustments and see what happens.

First, we need to know what a Hair Analysis is and what it can do for us. Hair analysis measures the mineral content of your hair. Mineral content of the hair reflects mineral content of the body's tissues. If a mineral deficiency or excess exists in the hair, it usually indicates …